Monday 26 April 2010

Sprockets and Dust

A Critical Mass special

Sprockets and Dust and the Bristol Bike Film Festival

Be Inclusive Kill Exclusive
Jacob Septimus & Anthony Howard • USA 2005 • 18 • Documentary

Fri 25 Jun at 8.00pm
Two filmmakers infiltrate an underground bicycle club. Driven by anti-materialism and a belief that the impending apocalypse will render cars useless and leave bicycles in power, Black Label Bike Club (BLBC) battles mainstream consumer culture and rival gangs for its vision of a better tomorrow. Pulling threads from Critical Mass and the wider bike counterculture, B.I.K.E. explores such themes as radical politics, personal artistic vision, global responsibility, relationships, group formation and, perhaps most prominently, pain and love. Destined to be a cult classic

plus freewheeling DJs in the bar and other bicyclic surprises.

Cyclescreen: the Bristol Bike Film Festival, to be held at the Watershed 5th-8th August.

La bici e libera

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